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Social media is such a huge part of our modern day lives, it simply needs to be considered as part of any modern marketing strategy… and if you need help with your social media management, 87Marketing can help.

We strongly advise everyone we work with to embrace social media and that’s a slightly daunting prospect, we’re here to help with any part of your social media strategy. Whether that’s planning, scheduling posts or engaging with your audience (after all, that’s what ‘social’ media is all about), we can help with the ultimate aim of seeing some positive results.

Social Media strategy

We fully believe that anything you do should be done for a reason, but nothing more than social media.

Ask yourself ‘why’ and ‘what’… i.e. ‘why are you doing it’ and ‘what are you wanting to achieve’ and then define a plan around that.

If you’re struggling to work out just why you’re doing social media, how to get results, or just what kind of content to post, speak with us and we’ll be happy to offer our expert advice.

Actioning the plan

There’s no point in having a great social media plan if it’s not going to be actioned. While we can work with you on just the strategy and leave you to implement it, we can also help with delivering the plan too.

This involves writing content for posts, creating images and scheduling them to the relevant social media channels. It can also include engaging with your audience on your behalf if necessary… it is so important to speak ‘with’ your followers, rather than ‘at’ them. Social media should be exactly that… social!

Social advertising

A good social strategy should really include some social media advertising spend, budget dependant.

Social media channels, Facebook especially, are a great way to target prospective customers due to how much information they can provide – age, gender, location, interests are just some of the things social media platforms know about its users. A monthly budget can be spent very wisely in generating leads, increasing your audience size or promoting specific products, services or offers.

Speak with us today if you need help with your social media advertising.

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