Digital Marketing Management

It’s a term that often daunts or confuses people, but we’re here to help make Digital Marketing Management as easy as possible.

From the first instance of creating a digital marketing plan, right through the process of putting that plan into action, we can work with you to get better results for your business.

Your Digital Marketing Plan

You have a business plan… so you need to have a marketing and a digital marketing plan too.

We’ll be updating our blog over the coming months with some great tips on how you can do this yourself, but it’s also something we help many of our partners with. Working out your targets and planning how you can reach those goals.

There’s no one-size-fits-all model and it takes thought and then, one thing many people don’t do right, implementing properly and regularly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short has become one of the most valued part of digital marketing. In essence because organic traffic is ‘free’. (Technically this is not true… it certainly takes time and we all know that ‘time is money’!)

Having a good search engine presence is not easy to achieve… when you’re trying to rank for relevant search keywords and phrases.

We can work with you – whether your website was built by us or not – to help increase your search engine traffic. This includes discussions to determine what the best keywords and phrases for your business are and implementing them. We use a range of proven SEO techniques – from the technical and infrastructure changes to your site to on-page and content updates. 

Email Marketing

Contrary to many opinions, we’re still advocates of email marketing – even in this post-GDPR world.

But as with many digital marketing strategies, it’s not something you can do overnight. An email database, that’s of good quality, takes months, even years to build up. It also takes care and attention to maintain, ensuring your ‘followers’ receive good quality and tailored communications that’s relevant and useful to them.

From working with you to build a database to putting a communications plan together and right the way through to building email campaigns, sending them and reporting on the results… it’s all something we have a great amount of expertise and can work with you on.

Digital Advertising – PPC and SOCIAL Ads

Every business is different in terms of what’s the best way to reach potential customers. There are two advertising techniques that we recommend more than any other – PPC (this stands for pay-per-click and is a paid listing on a Google or Bing search results page) and Social Media adverts (usually Facebook advertising).

Think about it like this… If your product or service relies on someone knowing what they want, a PPC ad campaign might be best. For example, if you’re selling double-glazed windows, a potential customer’s actions will probably be to go to Google and search ‘double glazing’.

Alternatively, if you’re selling quirky t-shirts, there’s a good chance that someone isn’t actively looking for your product and won’t be searching Google for it. However, you could run a social media ad campaign that hits your target audience with a ‘look how great this is’ type advert. While many of the people it reaches won’t be interested, the chances are you’ll tempt some into a click or a purchase.

In reality, there’s a balancing act between these two extremes and then when you put retargeted adverts in there, your digital marketing can be very effective.

One thing we’re incredibly keen on at 87Marketing is not wasting budget. If you feel you need to discuss your digital marketing, let’s chat…

Social Media

Not forgetting the organic side of social media…

A good social plan can really compliment your overall marketing plan with a healthy balance of informative content, sales messages, competitions, fun posts and good interaction… after all, it is called ‘social’ media!

Find out more about how we can help your business with social media.

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