You may or may not know the name Alan Turing. For me, it was one of those names that was familiar, although not familiar enough to know why…

We should all really know the name given his influence on modern computing and providing a formalisation of the concept of algorithms – a word we are all too akin with now thanks to Google and Facebook. 

Richard Saint, the founder of Turings People soon filled in the blanks for me when 87Marketing were tasked with creating a website for the new IT recruitment company. 

Turings People gives a nod of appreciation to Alan Turing, who is considered the father of modern computing. He is also the genius credited with shortening WW2 by at least two years saving an estimated 14 million lives in process. While Turings People don’t claim to reach the accolades of their namesake, it is a noble dedication. 

The resulting website, which has recently gone live, has tried to capture a flavour of the great man, but also the great service the newly-formed recruiters offer. Simplistic yet informative, its design is clean and easy to navigate, we hope. It follows a ‘Who, Why, What, How’ format that was implemented with the user in mind. 

One of the many things I really liked about the concept of Turings People was their philosophy. Very similar to 87Marketing, Richard has many years of valuable experience in his field and genuinely believes in the service he can offer. On the website, they use the phrase ‘because we’ve been there, or somewhere similar’ and I think that’s crucial in understanding a client’s needs. 

As I always say, it’s great to work with like-minded people and Richard was no exception. If you’re in any need of IT recruitment, make sure you visit Turings People. Alternatively, just have a look at their website – I’d love to have your feedback.