It’s always a great honour to build any website for a client, but I have to admit this project was a good one to work on…

I’ve recently completed a complete website build for the Norfolk Tap, a craft beer and coffee shop in the fine town of Arundel in West Sussex.

Having sampled the beer (well, why wouldn’t you?), I was extremely excited to be working on such a fantastic concept – something which the town, and local area, appears to be in real need of.

The main purpose of the site was to be an informative listing site with the intention of ranking well in search engines so local drinkers would be made aware of this ever-growing type of pub.

It was also necessary to be able to promote regular events on the website that they will be hosting in the bar – from ‘Tap Take-overs’ to Beer and Gin Festivals – this forms a massive part of their promotions. This was achieved with a categorised blog, allowing the administrator to easily upload content and it appear in the relevant sections.

Other key functionality was included, such as a contact form, a Google map and a newsletter sign-up allowing them to build a database and market to drinkers keen to know about their new ales and forthcoming events.

As I say, I genuinely enjoy working on all projects – even in the less ‘sexy’ industries – but this one was a joy to work on. Not only is it a passion of mine (who doesn’t like the occasional drink?), but the passion about this concept was what I really enjoyed. I truly love working with fellow passionate people. Those who have a great product and will do everything they can to make it succeed.

Have a look at the Norfolk Tap website and make sure you pop in for a cheeky beer if you’re ever in the West Sussex area.