Introducing 87Marketing. It has actually been a long time in the making…

In essence, 87Marketing has been around for many years. I’ve been doing freelance work for as long as I can really remember. Right back when I was at school, I was trying to earn a bit of extra money by doing other people’s homework, cleaning cars – you know, the usual.

When I left University, I was building websites for friends and then over time that picked up with graphic design projects, advising on marketing campaigns and more recently with social media and SEO.

For the past few years, I’ve gained a few more ‘clients’, all by word of mouth – friends and friends of friends – all of whom I’m honoured to work with.

After all this time, I have now decided to make it a bit more formal. Hence, the introduction of 87Marketing.

I’m not trying to hide the size of this ‘company’ – it’s me, still working on a range of web, digital and marketing projects – alongside my current employment, but now in a more formal manner. 87Marketing is compact enough to really get to know your business needs and help with whatever your digital or marketing needs.

The digital world can be an intimidating place, but we make it manageable. Whether you need a new website, some graphics or artwork creating, guidance on marketing and social media, 87Marketing can help.

With years of experience across all areas of marketing, digital and social media, I am extremely well placed to help grow your business. Plus, I’ve been there (and still am there), so I know what it’s like to develop a business in the digital world with a track-record to prove it.

Anyway, I hate blowing my own trumpet, so I’m going to put it down and let you browse the rest of this website. If there’s anything you think I can be of assistance with, don’t hesitate to get in touch – whether it’s for advice, or a up-coming project.

Thanks again for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you.